Sam F. Spadafora


sam spadafora

Sam is an award winning Oakville Personal Injury Lawyer

sam awards

Sam was called to the Maryland Bar in 1996 and the Ontario Bar in 1999. 

Sam practices in the area of personal injury and long term disability litigation.

He has successfully represented clients at all stages of litigation including mediation and trial.

Sam knows that there is a specific solution to every problem and he approaches all of his cases with equal importance and attention.

Sam believes that no case is “too big” or “too small”.

He has represented clients with catastrophic injuries and clients who have been denied disability benefits for only a few weeks. 

Sam has a proven track record through hard work, creativity and determination in achieving results for his clients best suited for their individual goals and needs.

You can also claim compensation from the at fault party for the injuries you sustained as a result of your accident.

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