Condominium Sales & Condo Purchase Lawyers

Consult with Spadafora and Murphy before signing any documents.

Developers often put new condominiums up for sale before their construction has been completed or even begun.

You may be selecting your unit from a floor plan.

This has advantages — you may be able to ask for changes — and risks — the as-built result may differ from the plan or what you had envisioned and the completion date could be later than promised.

When considering a new condominium, you should have a close look at your unit’s specifications and the building’s plan and other governing documents to ensure that your unit is acceptable and that you’re fully aware of regulations and the corporation’s budget.

You’ll want to find out from the developer what work must still be done on the project and check that your purchase agreement specifies a completion date and under what conditions the developer may change it.

The developer should also be able to give you details about the property manager who will hold the key responsibility for the day-to-day running of the condominium.

Be clear about what is and isn’t included in the purchase price so you can compare overall costs with other condominiums.

For example

  • Are there amenities, such as pools and parking, and how are they paid for?
  • Are finishes in the units included in the purchase price?
  • Are there other charges over and above the purchase price you should be aware of?
  • Are utilities (gas, electricity and water charges) covered in the monthly condominium fees or are they separately metered? (You don’t want to end up paying part of your neighbour’s utility bills.)

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